Privacy Screen Protector – Laptop


Elevate your screen privacy and comfort with our Dual-Option Privacy Filter! Perfect for the laptop, it offers crystal-clear visibility, side-view blackout, and UV protection. Choose between adhesive strips or slide tabs for flexible attachment. Ideal for travel, protect sensitive information and your eyes wherever you work!

  • Dual Attachment Flexibility: Offers two hassle-free installation methods – clear adhesive strips for a permanent fix or slide mount tabs for an easily removable option.
  • Enhanced Privacy Protection: Utilizes a sophisticated multi-layer film to obscure your screen from side views while ensuring a transparent view from the front, alongside safeguarding against unwanted glances from behind.
  • Glare and Blue Light Reduction: Protects your eyes by significantly reducing screen glare and filtering out harmful UV and blue light, promoting longer, more comfortable screen time without eye strain.
  • Travel-Friendly Design: Ideal for professionals on the go, including healthcare providers, commuters, and business travelers, ensuring data privacy and compliance in any setting, from airplanes to cafes.
  • Crystal Clear Direct View: While offering side-view protection, it maintains a perfectly clear, unobstructed view of your screen when facing it directly, preserving screen clarity and visibility.

11.6'', 12.5'', 13.6'', 14.6'', 15.6'', 17.1'', 17.6''